Nomad Clothing Co.

The Nomad Story

Why we do what we do.


The idea for Nomad Clothing Co. was born out of a love of travel and adventure, with the idea taking root somewhere between the humid forests of Vietnam, the long winding roads of New Zealand and busy markets of Delhi.

During a year long travel adventure with my partner Nicole, I noticed that those cheap vests bought in Bangkok didn’t last longer than a week or two, and that an ‘I Heart NY’ t-shirt found in Brooklyn probably wasn’t made in any of the Five Boroughs, or by someone being paid a fair dime. Basically – buying new clothes during each leg of an exciting adventure flew directly in the face of ethical-living and sustainable choices.

Launching in 2019, our aim is to make sustainable apparel that is designed to last – whether you’re cutting a path through the deepest jungle, or getting to know an exciting new city.

Nomad Clothing Co. apparel is made ethically, made for adventure, and made to last.


Jack Davey,
Nomad Clothing Co. Founder